It all started with a resolution.

New Year’s Resolution that is.

At the beginning of 2010, I wanted to come up with a New Year’s resolution that was different than “lose weight”, “spend less”, and all those clich├ęd changes people say they’re going to make but never do. During university, my fun book reading time dropped dramatically (ie: maybe one a year?). Now graduated, it was time to change that. The resolution was to read one book a week for the entire year, and by December 31st I should have read 52 books. (It ended up being 54, but who’s spilling hairs?)

In 2011, my friend Misty decided it would be fun to take up the 52 book challenge too. We ended up with a hair-brained novel idea that we would blog about each book as well! Andrea ended up with 66 books read and blogged about.

For 2012, I’m continuing on with my blog!

About Andrea

I’ve been a reader all my life. Working at a bookstore was the icing on the cake! Now I’m currently the communications coordinator for a non-profit organization, with dreams of publishing my own novel. I’m also an occasional cartoonist, Disney nerd, Trekkie, and very silly person.

My favourite genres are science fiction and chicklit. Recently I’ve started getting into a little urban fantasy, and am slowly getting back into graphic novels.

I also write and produce a Disney-fan blog and podcast, Make the Magic. Many of my Star Trek book reviews can also be found at Espescially the Lies.

You can also connect with me on Indiebound, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Rob says:


    Way to go! Keep reading and expanding the horizons of your mind. A worthy goal.

  2. Star says:

    What a novel idea!! (pun intended!) Great site Misty.

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