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Forgotten History My latest Trek read was Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Forgotten History by Christopher L Bennett. The second book in the DTI series, it acts as both a sequel and prequel to the first.

The sequel part comes in when the DTI team is investigating the mysterious appearance of a starship not of this time period. The vessel is trapped in an anomaly of sorts, keeping it in several timelines at once. What’s more surprising – and frustrating for the DTI agents – is the fact that this is a Constitution-class starship with the warp signature from the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. That can only mean one thing: James T Kirk.

The prequel part comes when the DTI agents begin digging into their archives to find traces of this mysterious ship, labeled Timeship Two and attached to the DTI. The book begins to delve into almost every temporal happenstance that involved the Enterprise and her crew throughout the Original Series and the Animated Series. Ultimately this part is the story of the creation of the DTI.

Overall the book was okay. I love the characters of Lucsly and Dulmur, their humour, and Lucsly’s continuing hatred of Kirk. I love the concept of the DTI. It’s an agency charged with the safe keeping of the timeline without doing any time travel. And though they are a Federation agency, they aren’t run by Starfleet. I always find it refreshing to see another angle of the Federation, and this book definitely provides it while staying in the Trek universe.

I also enjoyed the fact that it deals with the issue that history isn’t always accurate. History is written by the victors to make themselves look good, and in this case, has been molded to make the original DTI Director Grey look quite noble despite the fact that she didn’t live by her morals at the end.

Admittedly though, I found the first half of the book boring. Whereas in the first book previous temporary events were addressed as mentions or through the eyes of these new characters, most of this book’s events happen at the point of view of TOS era characters… even if they are new ones. I would have liked to see more from our current timeline DTI characters.

I enjoyed the second half more when we really got to see the issues and investigations around Timeship Two.

I do have to applaud the author for what was likely a fair amount of research to tie all these stories together. It would be tough to keep track of it all, let alone weave them all into a cohesive tale.

Though my rating in the end was three stars, I hope to see more from this series!

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