24 JanOk, Fine. Yarn: Bring it on! 3/52

The popularity of “knitting fiction” books, stitch-n-bitch novels, and the like has been on the rise this last decade. I’m no knitter, but something about these kind of novels appeal to me. I read my first of this type last year, Divas Don’t Knit by Gil Mcneil, which was #41 on the list. Seeing as I enjoyed that one, I picked up another one.

Unravelled by Robyn Harding centers around a young woman, Beth, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend of four years because he has commitment issues. Her zany friend decides to start up a stitch-n-bitch group, partially to get Beth out of the house, but mostly because it’s the trendy thing to do.

The story centers on Beth’s attempts to get over her ex and find a guy she can settle with. Her flaws tend to manifest themselves in how she reacts to the happiness of her friends, whether it’s her inability to get along with her roommate or her jealousy towards the people in the group. So caught up in the life she thinks she should have, Beth has a hard time seeing how other people can be happy in their own lives.

You definitely don’t need to be a knitter to enjoy this type of book. It actually left me wondering if starting my own stitch-n-bitch would be a good idea. But like I said above, I’m no knitter!

It was also nice to read a story in setting I can relate to. So often chick lit novels take place in New York or Los Angeles, it was a refreshing change of pace to have one set in Seattle.

The ending took me by surprise, which was nice. It wasn’t the ending I wanted to see happen, but ultimately I enjoyed the book.

Wow… quite a bit shorter review than my past ones!! I give this book three stars out of five.

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