08 AprTransformation Space 8

I’m afraid this is going to be a short review, since I’m starting to fall behind in writing up my reads…. The gap between when I’ve read this and now that I’m reviewing is getting big!

The good thing about getting the next book in a series, is that I have the next book in a series and get to read the rest of the story – relief! The bad thing about getting the next series, is that it could be the last book in the series and when I’m done reading it there’s no more – bummer!

Transformation SpaceThat’s where I found myself as I went into the fourth and final book in the Sentient of Orion series by Marianne de Pierres, Transformation Space. I’ve been loving this series and was itching to get my hands on this book, but I wanted to pace myself so that I don’t blast through it too quickly.

In this book, all the threads come together. War is breaking out across the Orion League of Sentient Species (OLOSS), between them and the extropists.

Whereas the first book had much slower pacing as it developed the story, Transformation Space ends things on a bang! The pacing barely slows to give the characters a breath. Again I found myself not wanting to finish the end of a chapter because I knew it would bring a change of character’s perspective – but then the new character started and I didn’t want to stop that one.

One thing that I’m not certain about is the biozoon Insignia’s want of Mira’s daughter. Nova does have a stronger tie to the biozoon, but apart from that I’m not sure the point. It was the only one of the threads that I felt could use a better wrap up.

All in all I loved this series, and it will stay in my bookcase for an eventual reread. Five stars! Now to see if I can track down some more of the author’s books, since they can be tricky to find in Canada!

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