04 MarCanadian Pie 7

Canadian PieReleased in October, Canadian Pie by Will Ferguson is a collection of the author’s works: from his travels across Canada, to scripts his written for radio shows and the Olympics, to articles he’s written over the years. It’s a funny and satirical look on Canada.

Every Canadian should read at least one of Will Ferguson’s books. And if you haven’t yet, then shame on you. The funniest writer in Canada, Ferguson often offers great insight into the things that make us Canadians.

I have to admit, my favourite section is about “Big Objects by the Road”. When I was little I used to love it when driving across the Manitoba plains we would come to something huge next to the road. I’d insist on stopping (we seldom did). Thinking back, I think my favourite things were the catfish outside of Smitty’s in Selkirk or Happy Rock in Gladstone. The Lower Mainland seems to miss out on the “Big Objects by the Road” phenomenon.

This latest book definitely lives up to the rest. A lot of his stories left me with a serious case of giggles, if not a full on laugh out loud. Others were definitely touching.

Loved this book and recommend it. Five stars.

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