29 JanLaguna Cove 4

In the mood for chicklit, I’d picked up an omnibus of Alyson Noel books that came out over the summer. Having read an enjoyed her only adult chicklit, I figured her young adult fiction would have a similar feel.

Was I bummed when I found I was wrong.

Laguna CoveThe first book in the omnibus is Laguna Cove. Anne has moved to the west coast due to her parent’s divorce, and she’s not happy about it. As the new girl in school, she meets Ellie, Chris, Lola, and Jade. Chris teaches her how to surf, and they eventually start dating. The group parties. There’s a surfing competition.

Overall, I really didn’t like this book. It felt like pulling teeth for me to get through this, since there was no plot at all. I almost stopped several times because of this, but I pushed on with the hopes it would get better.

It didn’t.

When I say there was no plot, I mean it. There was no climax, no reason to worry. It’s just shallow teenage girls worrying about their shallow teenage girl lives. Even when things start to get worrisome – Jade’s friend who gets into trouble – we never really find out what happens. The friend moves away and the next chapter there’s no mention of him again.

For the most part the telling of this story is really choppy. The chapters are two pages long, and in them you don’t really get a good glance into their friends lives. Anne’s parents just divorced, and now her mother is getting remarried. Anne’s upset, but the most we see is her have a hissy fit and nothing more. We don’t really see that tension play out.

The characters are shallow and other than that, have no personality.

Then there’s Jake, this random twenty something hired by Anne’s father as an errand boy. For whatever reason he lives in the house with Anne, and doesn’t serve much purpose except to be a thorn in Anne’s side. The story could have easily been told without Jake.

All in all I’d avoid this book. There are much better young adult books with actual story lines on the market right now.

Zero Stars. I’m not even going to bother with the second book in the omnibus.

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