28 JanRough Beasts of Empire 3

The third book in the Star Trek: Typhon Pact collection of books is Rough Beasts of Empire by David R George III.

Rough Beasts of EmpireThe story is made up of three different threads and how they weave together over the same events.

Spock is still on Vulcan, still working with the Vulcan-Romulan Reunification Movement. An assassination attempt on his life sets this book off, particularly when the attempt comes from a Reman. Captain Sisko is back, though his marriage with Jennifer is on the rocks. A prophecy from the Bajoran Prophets haunts him, forcing him to isolate himself from the people he loves. He takes up a new posting as commanding officer of the Robison, on patrol near the Romulan border. Lastly it follows the Romulan people as they come to terms with the aftermath of the Borg Invasion and the division of the state into the Romulan Star Empire and Imperial Romulan State. We also get a look into Typhon Pact member the Tzenkethi.

Overall I enjoyed this read, though I have to admit initially it felt out of line from the other Typhon Pact novels I’ve read. It begins not about the same time as the others, but around the time of the Borg Invasion. Initially I couldn’t figure out why this wasn’t the first TP book then, due to its leap backwards in the timeline.

Honestly, I could see this book being split into two because of that. One focused solely on Sisko’s story, following him and the DS9 crew during the Invasion. Another focused more on the Romulans and the division between the two states.

That said, once the book’s timeline comes more into alignment with the others, you can see why it’s the third book and not the first. Some of the information given out (I won’t spoil it) is definitely better suited to be revealed after the earlier books.

All in all I think this has been my favourite Typhon Pact book to date! Four stars.

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