22 JanShe Went All the Way 2

My quest to read all the Meg Cabot books continues!

She Went All the wayShe Went All the Way is one of Cabot’s earlier books, from 2001. The heroine is Lou Calabrese, a screenwriter who made it big right out of university with her first screenplay: Copkiller. Like many cop films, Copkiller has gone on to produce three sequels. Even Lou’s “tribute to the human condition” movie, Hindenburg, hasn’t stopped her from writing the fourth Copkiller flick.

Only problem is, the film calls for a scene where the star barely escapes a mine explosion, and the film’s director actually wants to blow up half a mountain to do it. Up in Alaska to try and talk some sense into the director, Lou gets caught in a helicopter crash with the film’s star Jack Townsend. Lou and Jack don’t get along, and now that people are trying to kill Jack, Lou gets caught up in the whirlwind as a witness. Running across the Alaskan wilderness, the pair try to make it back to safety before their killers catch up.

Let me start off by saying this is definitely the steamiest Meg Cabot book I’ve read! I would classify this as a romance, rather than chicklit. While the steamy doesn’t bother me, it’s definitely not what I was expecting in her books, so if you’re looking for Cabot’s regular fare I’d recommend avoiding this one.

Other than the steam factor, this is definitely your typical Meg Cabot. Lou is an average every girl who just happens to have made it famous, without letting it get to her head. Jack is a gorgeous movie star with a big heart. The pair clash throughout a lot of the book, having a previous hatred when Jack ad-libbed one of Lou’s lines – which happened to become the Copkiller catchphrase.

This is a fun and fluffy (and steamy) read, that a person can polish off in one sitting if they put their mind to it. I give this three stars.

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