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When I fell so far behind on writing the reviews for the books I’d finished, I decided that as soon as I finished a book I would review it. That explains the time stamps for all the last few reviews of mine. I’d written them, but had been storing them until I’d caught up on all my other reviews.

So phew! I (technically) did it! 52 books read and reviewed in a year! I’m quite proud of the fact, and want to tahnk everyone who was rooting for me! Also a big thanks to Misty, my blog buddy, for taking part in this endeavor with me! It was a great year for books.

I thought I would wrap up this year with short blurbs about the other books I’d finished this year, but didn’t manage to review, since I read through 65 books total in 2011.

Book #57: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot
Queen of Babble Gets HitchedA cute finale to the Queen of Babble trilogy. I was pretty disappointed that this last book even existed, since our main character goes off with totally the wrong dude and then feels miserable about it for the majority of the book. I guess it does go to show that we don’t always make the best choices in our lives, and when it comes time to finally admitting that we’re wrong can be difficult.

Book #60: Heat Rises by Richard Castle.
Heat RisesI was so excited for a new Castle release! If you’re a book fan this is definitely a TV show you should be writing. The show’s lead character, Richard Castle, is a famous mystery writer who rides along with Detective Kate Beckett for inspiration. The books that get released as tied in with the show, and bits of the books get mentioned throughout the series.

Book #61: Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Let It SnowI was needing a Christmas fix, and the cover of this appealed to me, so I picked it up. It’s three short stories centered around a Christmas snow storm. Definitely a cute set of reads.


Book #62: Vision in White by Nora Roberts
Vision in WhiteI was still feeling in the mood for chicklit. This was a reread for me, and I’ve been wanting to read it again for a while. It’s my favourite in the Bride Quartet by Roberts. I’m not normally a fan of her works, but when I originally read this, there was something about the characters that just plain appealed to me. The main character, Mackenzie, reminds me a lot of a character in one of my stories. I’m not sure I can stomach any of Roberts other books yet.

Book #63: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot
Boy Meets GirlIn my quest to read all the Meg Cabot books (that appeal to me) I finally got my hands on the last book in the ‘Boy’ trilogy. These books are all told through emails, notes, and transcripts. This was an easy read that I managed to finish off In just over a day.


Book #64: The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey
Dark Side of DisneyThis book piqued my interest as I saw it mentioned on Twitter in the Disney parks circles I follow. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, as the premise is about scams and tricks that people pull off in Disney parks. That said, a Disney book blogger that I follow – George Taylor at Imaginerding – reviewed it and recommended it. I was still a bit weary, expecting it to be a tale of dumbass things that people do in Disney parks that usually piss me off. And though in some accounts it is (ie: doing drugs in the parks), I still really enjoyed this book. The author is clearly a big Disney parks fan and repeatedly tells readers that if you’re going to try some of the things in the book, at least be respectful of other guests and not spoil the magic for them. The book also talks about going “off the beaten track” as they venture into cast member only areas. Don’t let the raunchy cover or premise fool you, this is definitely a good book for Disney fans to check out.

Book #65: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire by Michael A Martin
Typhon Pact Seize the FireThe second book in the Typhon Pact series that looks at the political powers behind this new enemy to the Federation. This was a Titan book, so if you’ve read my other blog posts you can probably hear me grumbling already. Of the Titan books I’ve read though, I have to say I’ve enjoyed this one the most. Again I have issue with too many characters, but alas it’s something I have to suffer through. I do like all the mentions of the Enterprise series (love love love). In this book the Titan crew watches as the Gorn discover an old terraforming device and try to get it to work again, while the planet they plan to test it on contains a thriving species of millions.

Well that’s the last few books I read this year! I’m halfway through #66, so I guess it’s going to be the first book for 2012. This year I’m going to keep reading a book a week and reviewing it. I’m also going to be launching a new Star Trek book review blog with Kat from 100 Books, Letters, and Products and our friend Matt, but those reviews will still be posted on this blog (or they will be the old posts from this blog).

Thanks for reading with us, and I look forward to another year full of books!!

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