01 JanFabulous Girl 55

Fabulous Girl's Guide to DecorumThe Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum by Kim Izzo and Ceri Marsh is exactly how it sounds: a book for women about decorum. Don’t worry though, it’s not stuffy and written as if we are still living in the 1950s. It covers topics such as the workplace, relationships, society at large, and friendship.

I have to say this isn’t a book I’d normally buy for myself. I think it was a well-meaning gift from somebody that was off the mark. At any rate, it contains a fair amount of information about manners in our current society (if slightly outdated already given the advances in technology since the book’s release in 2001). Personally I found most of the topics fairly common sense, and the average person likely won’t need to read this book.

I like the tone of the book for the most part. It’s written as if it’s your friend talking, with a helpful tone and a dollop of wit mixed in for good measure. That said, there were times the authors talk down to the reader. I struggled with the first few chapters because of this, but I pushed past that and the tone became more friendly and easy to read.

I was also really turned off by the authors’ obsession with vanity. There’s no shame in taking pride in one’s appearance, and I agree with the authors that first impressions count. But, I felt like they were emphasizing looks and fashion a bit too much (Given that they both work for fashion magazine’s that’s no surprise).

I also disliked their emphasis that it was okay to sleep with one’s boss or married men. What the heck? Since when it is okay to do that?! Sluts are definitely not fabulous. I don’t consider myself a prude, but it definitely made me squeamish as the authors tried to make the above behaviour okay.

Though it made for an interesting read, it’s not something I would recommend to anyone. Zero stars.

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