28 DecGirls in White Dresses 48/52

Girls in White Dresses I had the opportunity to snag the advance reader copy for Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close. The cover totally appealed to me with it’s simple, clean look as well as the cheerful polka dots. Reading the blurb on the back it seemed definitely my kind of book.

The story tells the tale of three twenty-somethings as they deal with boyfriends and breakups, trying to find work post-university, and dealing with their zany families. Essentially it’s a slice of life for anyone that age. For the most part the book is focused on Isabelle, though we do get glimpses into the lives of her two closest friends Mary and Lauren, as well as tales of some of their friends.

When I first started reading this, I thought it was going to be one I couldn’t finish. At first the girls seemed unrealistic to me with how they acted to what was going on. Then I realized… it’s not that absurd. Though it’s not how I would have handled the situations, I could easily take part in the girl’s sense of humour as if I were one of their friends taking part.

The structure of the story is a little annoying in that it doesn’t come to a climax you’d expect. The reader keeps thinking that something is going to happen to change the direction of the story (or come to a point). And though it’s not a big bang when that happens, I really do like the message of the book: make the most of things. It’s tough to really elaborate on that without giving away too much story though.

I’d definitely recommend this for any post-university woman who is feeling a bit lost with their life. I’ve been there, often find myself back there, but this book makes it feel like everyone goes through that at some point and it’s okay to feel lost sometimes.

I give this three stars.

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