26 DecStoryteller’s Daughter 45/52

Storyteller's Daughter Phew. I’m behind on several reviews – that’s not good! I participated in NaNoWriMo, so that put me behind quite a bit on the writing of reviews… that said, I’m far ahead on reading books; I’ve read 62 of the 52 I planned.

Anyway, the next review is for The Storyteller’s Daughter by Cameron Dokey. First book in the Once Upon a Time series, I discovered it when a customer came into the store and requested a few later ones in the series. Essentially it’s a retelling of the fairy tales we all know and love.

This book is a retelling of The Arabian Nights. When the King’s heart is poisoned by the betrayal of his wife, he stands by a resolution: he will take a new wife, but in the morning she will die. Then he will take another until one woman willingly steps forward to sacrifice herself. On the first night, one such woman does. Her name is Shahrazad, the blind daughter of the King’s royal advisor. She then proceeds to weave stories for the King, in hopes of healing his heart.

Overall I enjoyed the story. Given that it’s a teen book, the language of the story and the plot were a little more on the easy side. Throughout the book it cuts away to the story that Shahrazad is telling, jumping from the plot. For the most part I didn’t mind this, but for others I felt as though it stopped the overall momentum of the book.

This is definitely a series I think I’m going to enjoy. I plan on tracking down the other books in the series. Reading this has also made me more interested in reading the original Arabian Nights, so I’d say it was an okay book.

I give this three stars.

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