28 NovEvery Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada 22/52

Written by a German who during WWII refused to join the Nazi party and suffered for it, this story is actually based off of a Gestapo file, and was published shortly after he died.  It has only recently, in 2009 been translated to English, I was surprised to learn.

This is my first book about the German resistance to the Nazis and I found it very intriguing since we never seem to hear much on that subject.  I also think it’s important to know that some people actually did take a stand, risking everything, against the Reich.

The story takes place in Berlin and tells of a couple who after losing their only son, decide to start leaving postcards around the city, urging civilians to take a stand against the evil of Hitler’s Germany.  The local Gestapo go crazy trying to find out who is behind these rebellious acts, and it turns out that almost every single found postcard was turned in by civilians who were terrified at the thought of being seen with the dangerous cards.

This book was so gripping and had me so on the edge of my seat, I could practically feel the Gestapo breathing down my own neck.  I give this one five stars.  Best I’ve read in awhile.

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