18 OctWorking Stiff 41/52

Working Stiff by Rachel CaineI wasn’t certain if the premise of this next book appealed to me. Theme around zombies, Working Stiff by Rachel Caine is a new series for the author. I’m not a zombie fan at all, but I am a fan of Rachel Caine’s Weather Wardens and Outcast Season series. Deciding to pick it up anyway, I gave the book a try.

Retiring from the military, Bryn Davis decides to go for a more reliable, and quiet, career – working at a mortuary. Though it’s not glamorous, she is craving the stability the job will bring. That is, until she finds out that her boss is dealing drugs on the side – drugs that revive the dead. Accidentally stumbling into his dealings, Bryn’s now tangled up in a plot to take down the pharmaceutical company that designed the drug.

I will admit there were times where my stomach turned on apart of the zombies – but the storyline is the living dead, I was expecting some gruesome stuff.

That aside, I really enjoyed this book!

Bryn is considerably different from Caine’s other heroines. Introverted, her quietness isn’t a superiority thing like Cassiel in Outcast Season. I like the fact that she’s just trying to make a living and has normal worries that female leads in urban fantasy don’t always have.

I also like the fact that the love story didn’t just automatically happen. The story between Bryn and her beau (won’t spoil it) took time to develop and, like a real relationship, certain groundwork needed to be laid before there was even acknowledgement that something more could be there. It made the romantic aspect of the book much more believable for me.

My one “kind-of-disappointment” in the book was that though Bryn was ex-military, it felt as though she couldn’t’ kick some ass when it was needed. She’s a strong character, but it seemed peculiar that she would get attacked and not be able to defend herself to some degree.

At any rate, I really enjoyed this book and recommend it! Four stars. Can’t wait for the next book.

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