10 OctNeedles and Pearls 39/52

Needles and PearlsI was so glad we got Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil in at the bookstore! Divas Don’t Knit, the first book in the series, was so great I was pleased to be able to read this.

After coming to terms with what happened in the first book (I won’t spoil it), Jo McKenzie is still focused on getting her life upright again. Her wool shop is doing great, her evening Stitch n Bitch class is popular and spawning a new group, her boys have settled into their new life well. And then Jo finds out that a short fling with a photographer has left her with a baby on the way.

McNeil’s books are like wrapping up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate – they’re cozy and warm. The characters are so spot on that they feel like people you could know. They’re real; from Jo’s two little boys to the sometimes picky staff in her shop. The book reads like real life.

Reading this series makes me want to practice my knitting more!

I give this book three stars.

(Another short review, sorry!)

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