09 OctChaos Space 38/52

Okay, definitely hating myself for falling so far behind on these. I just counted and discovered that I’m 14 reviews behind. I keep saying I’m going to do my best to catch up, and then all I do is go curl up with my book and add more titles to the list to review. Books are way too addicting!

Anyway, forgive me if my reviews are a bit sparse for the next 14 books….

Chaos SpaceBook #38 was Chaos Space by Marianne de Pierres, book two in the Sentients of Orion series.

This book follows Mira Fedor as she escapes the destruction taking place on her home planet, trying to find assistance from the nearest Orion League planet. Meanwhile, Trinder Pelligrini is leading the survivors to whatever safety they can find. This book brings together several of the storylines that the reader knew would be tied, but it wasn’t quite apparent how.

I like the fact that the story takes the picture of a utopian society and turns it on its head. The Orion League of Sentient Species can be likened to Star Trek’s Federation, where they construct this image of utopian society, and all citizens believe that the government can’t do wrong. Chaos Space delves into another side of this utopian society in that perhaps it’s not as perfect as expected, and book two really cements in much of the storyline developed in book one.

I’m really enjoying this series, and definitely recommend it! Five stars.

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