13 SepPrincess in Love 36/52

Falling behind on these reviews is terrible. I’ve read so many books since I read the one I’m about to review, my thoughts on this book are starting to get murky.

But, here goes anyway.

Princess in Love by Meg Cabot is the third in the Princess Diaries series. It follows Mia Thermopolis as she prepares for her first appearance to the Genovian people, avoiding her boyfriend, and figuring out if the guy she actually likes has the same feelings in return.

I enjoyed this book a lot more than the last one. I think part of that is because I gave myself some breathing room between this one and Princess in the Spotlight (book two), whereas between book 1 (Princess Diaries) and book 2 it was almost immediate. The books are written as if you’re reading Mia’s journal, so the tone will often be whiney. Sometimes there’s only so much whiney a person can take, so I definitely wouldn’t read these one after another.

That said, I thing the author captured a lot of the social pressures and feelings that teenagers go through. Mia sticks with her boyfriend Kenny, even though she doesn’t like him, because she doesn’t want to feel like the odd one out of her group of friends if she didn’t have a boyfriend. She’s also afraid to cross the social line she imagines that dating her best friend’s brother is a no-no, even though she has feelings for him.

All in all I think these are cute little reads that definitely should make their way into any teen’s library.

I give this book three stars.

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