27 JulThe Love of Her Life 31/52

Every time I read another book by Harriet Evans I fall in love with her all over again. Both The Hopeless Romantic and Going Home were addictive reads that I couldn’t put down.

The Love of Her Life is no exception.

After spending three years in New York City, Kate Miller is forced to go back. Her father is sick and she knows she needs to go back and see him. But the trip means she’ll need to face the things she was running away from, why she had run to New York in the first place. Kate had left good friends, a great job, and the man she loved in order to get away.

This book actually blew me away. I don’t tend to enjoy books that bounce back and force in time, but the way this novel was crafted actually added to the story and the suspense. The author leads you down one path, trying to convince the reader why Kate ran away. Piece by piece the story comes together, revealing the history behind Kate’s flight to New York.

It’s tough for me to review this without spoiling too much of it. All that I can say is this book will have you tearing up and then smiling, and then tearing up and then smiling….

Loved it! Five stars.

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