06 JulSweet Valley Disappointments 28/52

When I spotted Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal I literally squeed. Yes, I’m one of the many girls out there who grew up reading about the Wakefield twins on their many adventures as twins, kids, in high school, university, etc etc.

I thought it would be a great walk down memory lane.

I was wrong.

It was more like meeting up with old friends who had somehow inexplicably changed!

The story takes place 10 years after Sweet Valley University. Elizabeth and Jessica are all grown up, living their lives. But Jessica has committed a horrible act that has sent her sister away from Sweet Valley and out of the lives of everyone they both love.

Jess had an affair with Todd Wilkins, Elizabeth’s fiancĂ© at the time. When Elizabeth finds out she is understandably heartbroken and flees to start a new life in New York. The story takes place eight months after this discovery, with several scenes flashing back from their time in University to present. It brings everyone up to speed on the twins’ lives, while telling the tale of how they are dealing with this drama.

While Pascal is known for her kids books, this book is not listed as a kids one. Despite that the author didn’t really stretch her literary muscles, and the language and story remain trapped in the realm of an easier read. This doesn’t even come close to the realm of a typical chicklit read. The story is simplistic and rather boring. I felt like they were droning on and on about what had happened without really accomplishing everything.

Neither of the main characters grows by the end of the story. I’m not upset that the characters changed, because people do change, but their personalities and actions seem incredibly unrealistic. Jessica and Elizabeth are untrue to the characters that have been created over the years. I know that Sweet Valley isn’t exactly known for it’s accuracy to canon, but this was pretty awful. It wasn’t even the twins who have changed, almost all of the characters have become wisps of who they had been since we last saw them.

The book reveals all these things about the characters, things they apparently only realized within the last eight months of the book. As much as people change, I hardly doubt that everyone near and dear to the Wakefield twins would realise such life changing things all within the last year.

The worst part was the ending was not believable. It was as if the author couldn’t handle and tension and the story she was trying to build. So she just decided that suddenly it should end, wiping her hands clean of all the misery and leaving everyone happy and okay with life.

Don’t read this book. Just don’t. Yuck.

Zero stars.

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