30 JunIn the Big City 27/52

After enjoying the first Queen of Babble book, I had high standards for Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot.

Jumping right into the book I was expecting the same bubbly heroine in the last book. This time around seamstress / wedding dress restorer Lizzie Nicholls is headed to New York City, to find a proper job in her field now that she’d realized her path – and to live with her hunky French boyfriend.

As she sets out on her hunt, Lizzie finds out that making her way in the big world isn’t as easy as she thought. She ends up working as a receptionist (paid) and as a wedding dress restorer (for free). Her boyfriend Luke turns out to be not quite the knight in shining armour she’d thought. Her best friend Shari is suddenly aloof and distant, their friendship falling on the rocks. Lizzie’s life seems like it’s seriously in trouble.

I have to say I enjoyed this book, and it definitely lived up to the first book.

Initially however, I wasn’t certain. Lizzie appeared to have lost all her character building that was developed in the first book. She becomes scared and quiet as she faces real life. The change annoyed me some, but I suppose it’s a reflection of life: sometimes things just knock us down and we have to learn to pick ourselves up again.

Lizzie also learns that her knight in shining armour isn’t always the guy you expect… but I don’t want to spoil it!

My gripe in the last book was that it was called Queen of Babble but she didn’t really babble. This time Lizzie’s mouth certainly lets go.

This time my gripe was the ending! Not the buildup, I was actually quite happy as things unrolled… but the last five pages or so left me wanting to stop Lizzie from making an awful mistake. Another was that Lizzie was obsessed with getting married. It was at the point where it bothered me to hear her talk about it so much that I just wanted that part to end.

Unfortunately this turned out to be a TO BE CONTINUED…. So I have to wait for the next book to find out if she does indeed make said mistake.

Definitely recommend: four stars!

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