15 JunBeauty Tips from Moose Jaw 25/52

If you need a laugh – or want to understand a little bit more of Canadian culture – then you can’t fail with a book by Will Ferguson. I first got into his novels when my brother picked up How to be Canadian for me one year for Christmas. The book was a riot, and one that I tend to lend out on a fairly regular basis. A couple years later while taking a Canadian Studies class, one of the required readings was Why I Hate Canadians.

I’d always planned to pick up this next book, but never seemed to get around it. So many books, so little time. Or at least that was my excuse. Then we got this book in at work, and I snapped it up right away. Then it sat on my bookcase for a while again until the mood finally struck to read it.

I wished I hadn’t waited so long!

Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw by Will Ferguson is classified as Humour. I think it should also go into Canadiana, Culture Studies, and Travel. It’s so many things wrapped up in one. Or like Ferguson says of Canada: “A riddle hidden in an enigma, wrapped in a toque.”

Though this book isn’t an enigma.

Ferguson reflects back on this country he calls home as he travels across Canada. From Victoria, BC, to St John’s, Newfoundland, the stories he tells are funny and heartfelt. This is Canadian patriotism at it’s finest – quiet and subtle, funny, and able to make fun of itself.

As he travels across the country, Ferguson digs up the history that makes up Canada. Not always glamourous or pretty, it’s the different stories that truly make up what Canada is.

I definitely recommend any of the books by Will Ferguson, because you’re sure to take something away from them. Five Stars.

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