19 MayLiar, Liar…. 24/52

Back to my quest to read all the Meg Cabot books (that are non-Vampire / non-little kid).

We got in Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot in at the bookstore, so of course I needed to read it. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it because it’s one of her teen books. Was thinking it would be more along the lines of The Princess Diaries.

But whereas the tales of Princess Mia are more aimed at a younger Teen crowd, I found this one a bit more closer to Cabot’s adult reads. Don’t get me wrong, her books aren’t explicit or anything, but this is definitely written for the older Teen crowd.

The book centers on Katie Ellison, a teenager enjoying the summer before her senior year. She thinks she has a great life – dating two guys, working part time to buy herself a dream camera, and being an insider. But things were always that way for her, and when Tommy Sullivan returns to town Katie has flash backs of her younger days and the worries of being seen as a freak.

This is a fun story that I polished off in less than a day. It’s light hearted and fuzzy, like most chicklit.

It actually bums me out that Meg Cabot is focusing more on Vampire type books now, because I would love to be able to read more books like Pants on Fire.

I admit I don’t really have a lot to say for this book. Four stars.

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