11 MayFAIL: Double book fail

For some reason lately the books I’ve read have been good hit or great miss. I guess can’t win them all.

The first, What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, was one I thought I’d love. His articles are about how we understand the world, the way things work, and why. This book is a collection of articles from The New Yorker on a variety of topics. Not only that but it’s a big seller at work, so I figured it had to be good.


I struggled through the first two articles before having to give up on this book. I just didn’t find the articles to be attention grabbing. It felt more like he was droning on about the most irrelevant things, and then not bothering to come to a point. The articles had the potential to be really interesting (why we only have one kind of ketchup but lots of mustard!) but in the end the telling of the story fell flat. The writing just didn’t have life to it.

The other fail is completely different genre. In fiction, Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah just bored me to tears. Back in 2009 I’d read The Magic Hour and enjoyed it to some extent. But as I was reading this it just fostered a sense of annoyance in me.

It centers on two fifty-something daughters who don’t get along with their Russian-born mother. The only person keeping the family together is their Dad. But when he passes away, it’s his last wish that they all get along.

A quarter of the way I just had to stop reading. I wanted to strangle all of the characters because I couldn’t deal with their self-centered voices.

I’m sure it’s a very good book (Kristin Hannah is a best seller in our store), but in the end this book just wasn’t for me.

2 Responses to “FAIL: Double book fail”

  1. Misty says:

    Wow, I must say I am surprised that Malcolm Gladwell wasn’t good. I started reading The Tipping Point some time ago, and thought it was interesting.
    And you surprised me by the fact that you read Kristin Hannah! You must have done it behind my back! Heheh.

    • Andrea says:

      Not behind your back, it was just an audio book. SO couldn’t get into it…. wanted to strangle them all.

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