05 MayDark Space 19/52

About a year ago I went to the bookstore’s main location just to have a poke around. More space than the store Misty and I work at, its science fiction section was divine. I picked up Dark Space by Marianne de Pierres and it ended up sitting on my bookshelf for months and months.

In need of a good scifi book to read, but wanting to break away from Star Trek novels for a while, Dark Space called to me. I must read!

While lost in space, a mineral scout discovers a new entity – or rather, the new entity discovers him. The mineral scout is convinced he’s died, when in reality it was the entity trying to speak with him. When he tells the story of his experience, the entity becomes God.

In another corner of the galaxy, Mira Fedor is denied the captaincy that is rightfully hers. While trying to escape from being thrown in jail, her home planet falls under attack to an unknown enemy. Having lived a sheltered existence in Araldis aristocracy, Mira struggles to piece together what is happening.

As I started reading this book I have to say I was confused. The pacing and structure felt different than what I was used to. The setting was different. I felt like someone picked me up and dropped in in a world where pigs fly and down is up.

But I think being different is what makes this book so great. Sure, this is a scifi novel, but it’s not the central focus of everything that happens. The setting is futuristic, but not the utopian future that tends to be standard fare for scifi. Once I got used to this new setting, I couldn’t get enough of the book!

I also like the way that it makes you question worldviews by showing you different ones. SPOILER: The aristocracy on Mira’s home planet think they are the centre of the universe (as anyone with a little power does), yet the rest of the universe views them as back-world inbred filth. END SPOILER

Of course, being the first book in a series, there is still more to read – which drives me nuts! But book two is sitting upstairs just waiting for me to pick it up.

The only reason it loses a star is because it was a bit confusing at the beginning, like I mentioned aboved. Otherwise, definite recommend! Four stars.

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