05 MayGoing Home 17/52

We all need to grow up at some point. That’s the focus of the novel Going Home by Harriet Evans. The book centers around Lizzy Walters as she returns home for Christmas. Her home is where she can escape from the woes and stresses of living in London. Home, where things are cozy and welcoming like a warm blanket.

During this trip home for Lizzy comes with a bit of a surprise, as the fun uncle arrives from his big NYC life with a new wife. Not to mention an unexpected encounter with The Love Of Her Life who broke her heart. When she returns home Lizzy is in even more of a tizzy than she was when she went home.

And then the worst happens: her cozy home needs to be sold. Bills have mounted up, and to pay them off her parents must sell their house to cover them. When Lizzy starts to question why things are going on, her parents tend to have the habit of essentially patting her on the head and telling her things will be okay. She learns that to be a grownup you can’t simply let your family deal with the difficult things on their own. You can’t simply runaway back home in the face of your worries.

All in all I enjoyed this book. It felt like curling up with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate: definitely heartwarming. Lizzy’s family reminds me of most families, where you just wanna hug them and eat a good meal.

The ending was also unexpected! A refreshing change for me, especially since chicklit novels tend to be incredibly predictable. I think I might have teared up a bit reading it too.

Definitely a light, fun read – with a bit more meat than typical chicklit. Four stars.

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