14 AprIn the Spotlight 15/42

I’ve been on a big Meg Cabot kick lately, devouring through her books as soon as I can get them into the store. Working my way through all the books listed on her Fantastic Fiction page.

After enjoying The Princess Diaries, I really wanted to read my way through the rest of the series, there being ten books in total (minus all the side books).

Princess in the Spotlight came in, and though I blasted through it in a day, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did the first one.

I had a hard time getting past the how annoying Lilly, the main character Mia’s best friend, can be. The first book tested the friendship between the two, and given the circumstances, one could see how Lilly could be jealous of her friend. This time around it just got tired – how could Mia let herself be treated by Lilly that way?

It was still a fun book, and had I read it when I was younger I probably would have loved it. It’s definitely a book a person needs to read just to say they have.

Two stars.

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