12 AprNot the Perfect Rosetta 14/52

Star Trek: Enterprise: Rosetta by Dave Stern should have been a Star Trek book that I enjoyed. Focused on my favourite of Star Trek crews, I’ve typically been able to dive into Enterprise novels with ease and liked what I was reading.

Not the case this time.

While this story was a relatively easy read to get through – I polished it off in only a few days – I had a difficult time taking the story seriously. It’s not that the plot itself was bad, there was certainly potential for it to be a good story, it was that I felt the characters weren’t themselves.

This book was set in the fourth season of Enterprise and, particularly in the case of Hoshi Sato, it felt as if any character development we saw over three seasons of the show have gone out the window and we’re starting with the fresh green crew of the NX-01. One would think after all the encounters with alien species, the Enterprise crew would have been more wary of who they are dealing with. Still welcoming, but wary. Yet they jump right into an unknown situation with a species they’ve never met, all naively believing they would be safe.

The commanding officer of the NX-01, Jonathan Archer, is killed in the process. Starfleet Command then insists that a meeting is more important than investigating why the captain of their first warp 5 ship has been killed. I’m certain that given the situation the delegates that the crew were originally meant to escort would have understood a delay in the process. Particularly when one of the other species involved at the meeting was present on the planet.

Also, the sonuvabitch joke was way overdone. I got tired of it after the second time it was used.

It made me wonder though, had I read this book before I read the Destiny series would I have enjoyed it more? It’s quite possible. But then again, I probably wouldn’t have.

One star.

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