07 AprCitizen Girl 13/52

It’s not a rarity when a book I’ve picked up isn’t anything like I expected. It happens, sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a certain book, or the blurb on the back isn’t really the same as the pages inside.

But in all my life I don’t think I’ve ever read something so far removed from it’s description than was Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

While I haven’t read their most famous work, The Nanny Diaries, I assumed this would be a similar read. Chicklit with a highly satirical punch. The description of the book is that it’s about a 20-something girl who is unhappy working for a terrible boss, having her ideas stolen from her, and going nowhere. It’s something that is very relatable for the current generation of 20-somethings, particularly with the current economic downturn. I thought going into this it would be a light-hearted read, that would end with the typical chick-lit happy ending.

I managed to finish the book. But it was all I could do to force myself through it, and by the end all I could think was What the Frak!?

This is definitely NOT a chicklit novel. Heck, to me it’s not even a novel. The entire time it felt like the authors were trying to tell three different stories and not doing a successful job of tying them together. It’s like they couldn’t make up their mind what they wanted to say, so by the end they haven’t really said anything. The book doesn’t really end on any kind of note or feeling, except the one that made me want to chuck it into the garbage.

The character of Girl (yes, that’s her name) seems to be at odds with herself. And while I can understand not knowing where to go with one’s life, Girl is not relatable at all. All of the characters are drab, lifeless, and over the top annoying – they needed some more punch to make them interesting.

All in all I would say avoid this book. It wasn’t even worth the $1 I paid at the thrift store for it. Zero stars.

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  1. Misty says:

    But the cover is so cool. Good review!

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