04 AprOpposite of Me 12/52

It’s been a while since I read this ā€“ I’m about 10 books behind on my reviews, eek! ā€“ but here we go.

Receiving days are always the best days working at the bookstore. It makes it feel like twice weekly Christmas, opening the boxes and seeing what surprises await. Despite knowing what should be in those boxes, it’s always neat to unwrap new titles. Not to mention when we get boxes of sale books, which are new titles for our store.

Seeing the new stock is one of the ways I choose the next book I’ll read. We’ll get in something that will catch my eye, and it goes in my pile of books Iā€™m going to read. That’s how I chose The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen.

The book centers on Lindsey, who all her life has felt like she was second fiddle to her twin sister Alex. Always trying to be the successful and smart twin, Lindsey’s world falls apart when she’s fired from her job. Moving back home she has a hard time owning up to her failures. She ends up lying to her family as she tries to find her way in life. When Lindsey discovers her childhood friend Bradley might have a thing with Alex, Lindsey is filled with even more jealously for her sister.

All in all I enjoyed this book, but I found enough faults in it that bothered me.

The moment when Lindsey finally gains confidence in herself is when she has a glam makeover. She goes from wearing suits, little makeup, and a very easy and conservative hairstyle to modern chic clothing, lots of makeup, and a new hairdo. It bothered me immensely that this was the key to her confidence, because she didn’t really learn anything about herself except “gee I actually look pretty”. Well, she probably looked just as pretty before the makeover.

Lindsey’s jealousy for her sister just gets annoying. It’s almost always the center of her attention, even when she’s working or hanging out with her family. It just made me want to scream “enough already!” and strangle the character. By the time I finished the book I was so tired of Lindsey, that I was surprised I even made it to the end.

But like I said, there were enough fun moments to keep me reading through it. I only give this book three stars because it was good, but not great. If you want to read a book about sisterly competition I’d recommend The Last Summer (Of You and Me) by Ann Brashares instead.

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