18 MarMrs. Jeffries & the Silent Knight 8/52

When you’ve been sick on and off for over a few weeks and haven’t seen the sun in a few months, you don’t want to wallow around in some depressing novel filled with family problems and star-crossed lovers. You need something easy that will hold your interest somewhat.

Enter the cute little Victorian Mystery.

Emily Brightwell writes a unique series starring Mrs. Jeffries, housekeeper and crime solver extraordinaire.  She and a small staff of servants work for Inspector Witherspoon, who is a kind man who works for Scotland Yard.

The Inspector works hard to solve his cases, but it is the servants who always end up tying up loose ends.  Of course, they must do this very discreetly, as they aim to make the Inspector think that it is by his great skill in detecting that the crimes get solved.

There is a murdered baron, a cat, a mansion, the baron’s family, and no friends because the baron was a miser and quite hated by all, including his family.  But, he was loved by his cat!  And it was his cat who would play a role in the baron’s murder!

The Inspector’s investigation proved frustrating, as most of the family members seemed to have a motive for wanting him dead.  There is also a time constraint; Inspector Witherspoon is expected to have the crime solved by Christmas, which is a only a short time away!

I admit that I have indeed started this book a long time ago, but just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time.  This time around however, it was exactly what I needed!

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