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When I originally saw the book Gale Force by Rachel Caine at work, I thought the cover looked nifty. And at that time that’s about all I thought it had going for it. The premise was hokey, and it didn’t really appeal to me all that much.

About a year later a customer ordered Ill Wind. Again the cover appealed to me (not as much as Gale Force, but I still found it to be appealing). Reading the back of the cover I thought perhaps I’d prejudged the Weather Warden series.

For about a week I hummed and hawed, and then decided I would order in Ill Wind too, which is the first book in the Weather Warden series, and see how it went.

Turned out I loved it, and over the course of last year I devoured the entire series. Misty and I laughed about this, because we have the bad habit of thinking urban fantasy books are a bit silly (but she got hooked into one just as silly, so I don’t feel as bad ;-) ). I was rather bummed when the series came to an end after nine books, the last one being Total Eclipse.

Having enjoyed the series, I decided I’d look into another series based off the Weather Warden universe: Outcast Season. This series centers around a Djinn who had gone against the leader of her people, and as such has been ousted from the Djinn world. Now human, she has to team up with a Warden in order to survive in more ways than one. Cassiel must draw on the power from a Warden in order to keep her life force strong, or she’ll die; and as a Djinn she never really associated with the human world, so she needs to learn the ropes of being a human.

Unknown is the latest book I’ve read in the series, so I’m just about caught up (one more to go!).

I have to say I was kind of disappointed by this one. While I know going in that these books are essentially candy – fun reads that don’t take long to get through – this book let me down.

There was a fair amount of character interaction that took place in this book that left me confused and wondering when exactly all the development for it had happened. References to how close Cassiel had become to Manny (the warden she’s partnered with) and his family litter this book. And while I can see how that’s the basis of this series, the first book left me feeling like Cassiel was more a stranger trying to make up for a mistake than somebody who really cared for this family.

Several months have passed between this book and the first one, yet the reader doesn’t really get a sense of what took place between then and now. After how many people tried to kill Cassiel and Luis (Manny’s brother and another warden), I found it hard that nothing occurred in those months, and then all of a sudden it starts happening again.

Despite those faults I still enjoyed reading it. It takes place in a universe that I’m familiar with. I’m rather enjoying seeing how things play out for Cassiel as she tries to deal with her new humanity and the consequences of it. I’ll admit I would have expected more awkwardness on her part, but perhaps being a former Djinn she’s already ahead of the learning curve.

My only hope is that the next book picks up a little bit more and fills in some of the gaps I mentioned above.

I give this book two stars.

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  1. Misty O'Donnell says:

    What’s silly about armored parasols? Heh heh. You make me chuckle. :)

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