23 FebShadow Web by N.M. Browne 6/52

I’ve been sick with the flu.  It’s week three and I’m still not 100%, but much improved.

Since I have been house-ridden, I haven’t been able to borrow or buy new books, so I thought I would tackle the pile growing on my windowsill and waiting to be read.

I picked up Shadow Web, a teen book, and it was just the thing I needed to help pass time until I got well.  It was perfect because things got interesting right from the beginning and I did not have to think too hard, or try to search for subtext or anything.  It was also pretty fast-paced and held my interest throughout.

The heroine is a modern day teen, Jessica Allendon, who lives in London and receives an email from someone else with the same name wanting to set up a meeting.  She takes her best friend, Jonno, with her and quickly discovers that the other Jessica is actually herself, but from an alternate universe.  As soon as they touch she is transported to this other London which totally confuses her because it’s so different than home.

She steps right into the role of the other Jessica and realizes there is a cold war on, and she is in a very dangerous world of intrigue, double agents and terrorists.  Not quite sure whose side she is supposed to be on and doubtful who around her is friend or foe, she is suspicious of everyone, even Johnny (who is Jonno back in her world), whom she has to decide whether to trust or not.

Her main concern is to find access to the internet and to try to connect with the other Jessica so she can get back home, but it’s not proving to be easy and is downright dangerous.

Shadow Web was easy to follow and interesting enough for me to need to find out what happened to Jessica.  I gave it 3 stars.

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