18 FebCertain Girls 7/52

Don’t you always hate it when you find an author you think you’re going to really love, read a few books and know it’s great, and then get one rotten apple of a book that just turns you off?

That’s what happened to me last year while reading Jennifer Weiner. I thought I’d found an author that was in the running for one of my favourite authors. In Her Shoes, The Guy Not Taken: fabulous reads that I really enjoyed.

Then I got to Weiner’s first book: Good in Bed. It was admittedly a struggle for me to get through this. I wasn’t entirely certain why this was such a rough read – whether it was the things the heroine had to go through or if I just wasn’t in the mood for that serious of book, I’m not sure. But I forced my way through it. I shouldn’t have, because it totally turned me off her books for the rest of the year.

I decided this year to try again. I ended up picking up Certain Girls, which is the sequel to Good in Bed. Probably not the smartest move on my part because if I didn’t care for the first, why would I torture myself with the second one?

It actually turned out to be an incredible read. The book felt nothing like the first book despite centering around the same character. The plot was gripping (edge of my seat, especially near the end… I was like… WHAT THE HECK!?… in a good way though), and the characters were intriguing.

I think the main reason I enjoyed this more because it was lighter than the first. SPOILER: Candice spends the majority of the first book in utter depression, which can be a downer for anybody, not to mention if you’re feeling bummed to begin with. Whereas with the second book she’s much more accepting of herself for who she is. END SPOILER

Ultimately I really enjoyed this book, and am actually looking forward to picking up another one!

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