10 FebLost Souls 6/52

I don’t think I’ve yet read a Star Trek book quite so addicting. Or I guess I should say books, because it’s a series!

Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls by David Mack is the third and final book in the Destiny series. And oh my gosh its just as good as the first two. All the events of the previous books come to a climax and resolution in the book, and it’s definitely worth getting through all three books to the end. This series is one that I could read again and again.

And while I will say that the ending was predictable, that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the series. Things played out in a way I could see them happening. Mack really seems to have an understanding about how the characters would think and act, rather than many Trek authors I’ve found where the characters seem to act only how the author wants and not in a way I’ve felt the character actually would.

My only beef with this is at one point in this last book, Riker and Picard have a sit down chat. One of those talks you have with your best friend when something is bothering you. This annoyed me incessantly not because they’re having the talk (I can see that happening), but the timing when they did this! The Federation is crumbling beneath the Borg, yet they take what felt like twenty minutes to sit and have their talk. It seemed highly unprofessional to me, given that these are two experienced Star Fleet captains taking time out from their duties to have a heart-to-heart. I’m not riffing on the fact that they needed to talk about what is eating them alive – but it just seemed an unlikely time to do it. Even in Star Trek: First Contact when Picard is having issues, he still goes on with his duties (as wrong as his decisions might be). My friend Kathy and I have a disagreement about this scene in the book, she thinks it’s perfect but… I have to say the timing is wrong..

Despite the above, I have to give this book five stars. It was a great way to top of the series, and I loved the fact that we got to see all the crews we love working together in more than a “here is a fan-service cameo” kind of way.

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