30 JanFrench Milk 4/52

Sometimes we all just need an escape, some time to ourselves to get away from everything and think about life, the universe and everything. What starts as a birthday adventure for the author, turns into a trip of self-reflection for Lucy Knisley in French Milk.

French Milk is a travel journal based around Knisley’s trip with her mother to the City of Lights, Paris. There they spend six weeks exploring the city, visiting the tourist sights, enjoying the cuisine, and soaking up the culture. Oh, and of course, drinking a tonne of French milk!

While a lot of the book is a reflection of the relationship between mother and daughter, there was another theme that seemed to hit home for me. Taken away from the typical and routine of her home, Knisley manages to do a double-take on her life back at home. She starts to wonder where things are going for her; will she end up at her goals, or get derailed as a failure? I can relate to that because I feel as though I’m starting to doubt myself in similar ways, wondering if I’ve chosen the right path to follow. In just speaking with my friends I know that I’m not the only one who goes through those kinds of self doubts.

Throughout her time in Paris though, and when she finally returns to her home in Chicago, Knisley manages to put the pieces together. SPOILER ALERT: Ultimately she discovers that you can be happy with the changes of life, and the fact that sometimes our goals are tough to reach, as long as we’re happy with the person we’re becoming. END SPOILER

My only negative towards this was I was surprised how many photos were in the book. While it was nice to see some of the photos of her trip, I found it got to the point I felt like I was being fed some filler instead of pages that could have been devoted to the story.

I really enjoyed reading this, and I would certainly recommend it to people who aren’t that big into graphic novels. This is definitely going into my graphic novel collection as one of my favourites!

Four stars!

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